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Pride festival attendees Savannah Billalobos and Daisy Sanchez kiss in front of protestor Henry Corr who stood outside of the 14th annual Pride Bigger Than Texas festival on July 1 at Crockett Park. Corr, who is not part of an organization, shouted “God is against pride” to the attendees inside. Sanchez said people will be people and that she loves Billalobos. The festival included more than 70 vendors and organizations. It was put on by Pride San Antonio. Photo by Deandra Gonzalez

Hi welcome to my portfolio! My name is Deandra Gonzalez (25) and I am currently a junior at Texas State University. I am majoring in Journalism and minoring in Diversity Studies; graduating in Dec. 2021. I recently transferred from San Antonio College, graduating with my associate degree in journalism. My passion is visual story telling with photos and videos. I love creating an emotion for people and documenting real stories in history.

I’ve been in San Marcos for almost a year now. I love this town and being able to live in my own apartment. I’ve floated the river before but I’m excited to have the Guadalupe River so close and float this summer with my friends. Spring 2020 was a weird semester so I’m excited to enjoy a couple weeks off. I plan to take College Algebra and Media Law & Ethics for Summer 2 in July.

I put this website portfolio together for my Web Design class during Spring 2020. I learned the basics of html coding, css styling and combining those for online website templates. This site has a current resume, my past work at The Ranger, a student run newspaper at SAC, and my work as an independent photographer. Feel free to contact me anytime. Thanks for visiting!