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Biochemistry sophomore Albert Gomez and Edel Santiesteban, Texas State health information management junior, fight in the fourth match at “Fite Nite” April 6 at the Embassy Suites Conference Center in San Marcos. The matches are three 1-minute rounds. Santiesteban won by unanimous decision. Photo by Deandra Gonzalez

My first semester at The Ranger was Fall 2016. I enrolled in News Photo I with my photojournalism professor Dr. Lo. Our task was to complete 10 news photo assignments for the semester which could be published in the eight-page print edition. Our photo assignments were requests from reporting I students about their beats, meetings, sporting events, campus life and the events in San Antonio. My first published photo was from a student activity fee meeting. It was printed as the second smaller photo on the front page. Halfway in the semester I was asked to join the photo staff, which came with stipend benefits. During my time at The Ranger I was a staff photographer for six semesters, visuals editor for one semester and staff reporter for one semester.

One of my favorite assignments was covering Hurricane Harvey in Sept. 2017. It was already one week since Harvey had destroyed, flooded, and displaced people all over Houston. Even though we were in San Antonio, our newsroom wasn’t putting out stories from the San Antonio perspective. At the time I was friends with someone who was apart of this ex Marine group in SA, who wanted to give relief and donations to the people in North Houston. On Sept. 1 and 2 I traveled with 13 members of the San Antonio Texas Marines, who dropped off donations, rescued nine dogs and helped a friend clear out a house damaged by flood waters.

San Antonio Texas Marines Hurricane Harvey Relief: Sept. 1- Sept. 2, 2017

Other assignments I covered were the San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo, boxing matches, a pride festival, a Texas Body Painting competition, Cheech Marin at a charity event, Beto O’Rourke campaigning at UTSA, the MLK March, numerous sporting events, wild art photos, board meetings and a engineering team who built a hydrogen-fuel cell to race in California. I’m glad I got to work for the award winning student run newspaper. Thanks to the Journalism-Photography program and The Ranger, I was able to improve my techniques and skills as a photojournalist. I learned through countless mistakes, practice and determination. Here are some of my best published work for The Ranger.

Backyard Beast: April 7, 2017

“Pride Bigger Than Texas” Pride Festival 2017: July 1, 2017

San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo: Feb. 2018 & 2019

Fite Nite: April 6, 2018

Texas Body Paint Competition: Nov. 10, 2018

San Antonio Motorsport Team: Spring 2019

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